Saturday, April 6, 2013


Kieth Solowski at The Venetian said you have to decide what is important. That is the simplest but purest information I took away from the PR trip to LA and Las Vegas. When a PR person can accurately determine and judge what is most important they can really be successful. Because of all the different facets involved in the PR world such as, planning, promoting, coordinating, and teaching, it is necessary to decide what is most important. It is easy to expect a PR persona to be everywhere with their hand in everything to ensure all goes well. However, as Kieth made it clear, it just isn't possible, and it is not always necessary even though some PR people feel this way.
Wing Lam instructed a room full of students to be good at what you know, if your not, you have no business being in the business. He is an example of good decision making. He told a story of a crisis Wahoo's Fish Tacos experienced and how he handled it. The first thing he said was “don't panic”. Often dealing with a touchy situation is such a nerve wracking time that the first reaction is sheer panic. He stayed calm, and found a resolution and his company is thriving. He is good at what he does.
It is easy to be good at what you do if you work hard for it. Which is the point that Nate Grey stressed to the UVU students on the trip. Work hard and you will reach your goals. Opportunities will arise that you never considered, or even thought of before. Take the time to invest in decisions that will build your knowledge bank, that way you are irresistible to employers looking to hire.
I learned something I won't forget during this experience. That is, your network is your net worth. (courtesy: Damion Dean) By being outgoing, confident, even when it seems hard, you will be more of the person you want to be, and meet people who want you to succeed. Make alliances and friends who want the things you want for yourself, get competitive and collaborate for your future and always be working on the next “thing”.

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