Saturday, April 6, 2013


Kieth Solowski at The Venetian said you have to decide what is important. That is the simplest but purest information I took away from the PR trip to LA and Las Vegas. When a PR person can accurately determine and judge what is most important they can really be successful. Because of all the different facets involved in the PR world such as, planning, promoting, coordinating, and teaching, it is necessary to decide what is most important. It is easy to expect a PR persona to be everywhere with their hand in everything to ensure all goes well. However, as Kieth made it clear, it just isn't possible, and it is not always necessary even though some PR people feel this way.
Wing Lam instructed a room full of students to be good at what you know, if your not, you have no business being in the business. He is an example of good decision making. He told a story of a crisis Wahoo's Fish Tacos experienced and how he handled it. The first thing he said was “don't panic”. Often dealing with a touchy situation is such a nerve wracking time that the first reaction is sheer panic. He stayed calm, and found a resolution and his company is thriving. He is good at what he does.
It is easy to be good at what you do if you work hard for it. Which is the point that Nate Grey stressed to the UVU students on the trip. Work hard and you will reach your goals. Opportunities will arise that you never considered, or even thought of before. Take the time to invest in decisions that will build your knowledge bank, that way you are irresistible to employers looking to hire.
I learned something I won't forget during this experience. That is, your network is your net worth. (courtesy: Damion Dean) By being outgoing, confident, even when it seems hard, you will be more of the person you want to be, and meet people who want you to succeed. Make alliances and friends who want the things you want for yourself, get competitive and collaborate for your future and always be working on the next “thing”.

Friday, March 22, 2013

At First

The informnation, the people, and the whole experience were so delightful

 Then I started to have this feeling like....I will never be able to be this awesome. Everyone was so unique, successful and smart. It was daunting because I didn't know how to do any of that. But I was able to cope with it and towards the end finally kind of realize after asking my questions (ALWAYS ASK, even if it seems dumb, it isn't) that a lot of the smart successful prole started out like me. As a student with goals and hopes.
My Aha moment (Oprah anyone?) was when I was able to reflect back to Wing Lam talking about Wahoo Fish Tacos. He presented the first day of the PRSSA conference.
He said be good at what you know.

Seems simple, but it hadn't clicked that what he was saying is when you are good at what you know success finds you. 

It's like people say, "how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time"

"Reality isn't as fun as I remember.."

Being on the trip with my friends and classmates was an amzing learning opportunity, and a networking opportunity as well. Damion Dean told us your "Network is your Net worth" not sure I agree but I do know one thing. After this trip it is obvious if you have some great friends you have everything.
This is us at World of Color in Disney. Heart stoppingly beautiful. Made some of us cry...but it had been a very long day! Disney taught us that responding to your audience is the best way to communicate effectively. Disney has such a loyal following because they have always been able to reach into the hearts of their customers.
The Venetian and Palazzo meeting with Nate and Kieth taught us that Social Media is not effective for every business to reach their audience. But rather pinpoint your goals and prioritize what is most important to reach who you need to.
"Our Standard is Suite"-Venetian and Palazzo Hotel
What should I do with all the experiences I had? I wrote so many thoughts down and I enjoyed so much of what I learned. How do I possibly remember and implement all these ideas?
I will start with something Nate Grey advised us to do, work your butt off.
Next I will do something Matt Prince advised us to do, go for what you really want. People will never agree or understand, but if you feel unfulfilled, search for the answer.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Good Bye Friend- what a great trip!

Today meeting with Nate and Kieth from The Venetian and Palazzo was so great. They put together a whole presentation on what they do, how, and why. They have an amazingly busy schedule! They told us once in a 10 day period they had 23 events... Kieth, the Executive Director of PR, advised us all to focus on what's important and prioritize and stay organized. They said it is easy to feel like everything needs to be monitored but we can't be everywhere as PR people.

Kieth said something so profound:
"When you are focused internally in planning an event, you aren't focused externally on promoting an event".
PR is about promoting your brand and the business. Collaborate and work with the marketing team to get a clear message Out. This will also be the best way to utilize everyone's BEST skills. Their is always going to be someone with a skill set better then yours. Use those when operating an event!

I am so grateful for all the gracious people who have taught me on this trip, the speakers, Professors, my classmates and the people I met. Stephen Whyte made this experience awesome! Matt Prince at Disney, the guys at the Venetian, and taking that tour at Warner Bros. ALL amazing.

Now I need to go home and update my resume, and catch up on my Crisis Comm class.
Check out internships and explore a career!
Note to self: get more involved in PRSSA and stay in the loop.
Note to you: UVU has an awesome PR program, take what they offer.
The bedtime at the Venetian and Palazzo...Beautiful hotel, awesome that Nate was able to help us stay.
Good Night! Xo

VIP at the Venetian

Yesterday was Disney ALL day! Disney Disney Disney... My feet still hurt today. But we just checked in at The Venetian hotel and it is BEAUTIFUL!

We are meeting for lunch with Nate and then group dinner and then La Reve. I feel super spoiled! UVU PRSSA definitely does business and pleasure the right way.

This group of people has taught me a ton. "What is a RT?" Tweeting! Ah the art of twittering... Later I will tell you all about our meeting with The Venetian Execs.

 Wait for it!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The last day of PRSSA conference...

Crisis comm simulation was a good experience. It was fun working with other groups of kids from the other Universities and seeing what they have learned and what they could contribute.

Last night we did Santa Monica pier and went as a group to get dinner at Bubba Gumps.

 I have learned so much from this group of UVU peeps on the trip. Even in our downtime we discuss and collaborate. It is the coolest. We had such an amazing time!

Tomorrow is.... Wait for it..... DISNEYLAND!!! We met with Matt Prince the social media manager at Disney (photo above).

I loved having him talk about monitoring and managing and organizing contests for Disney through social media because I have some experience working in that. The contests seem so awesome, if you tweet or hashtag anything Disney they will most likely be in contact with you. I love that! That is what comm is all about.
That's me @mrshopejackson, and check it out DCA (Disneyland California Adventure) got back to me via twitter, while I was there at Disney... seriously so cool! Probably the best company to study when it comes to PR and HR, marketing, name it, they rock it. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Warner Bros. Studios and a look into movie making

Nothing quite like waking up in sunny beautiful California.
Woke up early this morning to head to Warner Bros. Studios for a VIP tour of the premises. They have a "big city" and a "small town" these are real buildings and the process they have for making Tv is awesome. Fascinating. Unreal.

The real Batman vehicles we saw on the tour. Fun fact: they all drive, but only at 20 MPH.

We met with alum Jo Metcalf who works for Conen and she seems happy and successful, always a good sign. She got her job by following on twitter and seeing that he would be at a meet and greet in LA, she met people and got a job. She makes it sound so easy but you know how it goes, be at the right place at the right time.

Came back to the hotel and fell asleep in a bikini by the pool for a few hours before the mixer tonight at Cal State Fullerton. Some people were dressed up as super heroes others were not. Some didnt look dressed much at all. It is going to be a very interesting few days.

I thought the CSF PR crew did a great job throwing a party. Free bowling, good food, and a DJ as well. We all were able to meet a few people and everyone seemed really excited.

At first it was intimidating to approach people, but once I started it got easier, I realized everyone felt the same.
So. Tomorrow make new friends and remember names.
Be smart and focus, ask questions that matter.
Absorb what you see and hear, you never know what opportunies arise and what may present itself. Just like Jo told us, she got her dream job because she took a chance. Take a chance!